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A Simple & Robust Email Campaigning tool

e-Patra makes it easy to manage contacts and relationships, deliver highly personalized email communications, track activities, and generate meaningful analytics.

Advanced segmentation


Segmentation allows you to send specific messages to defined targeted groups within your list. Segments can be created based on any data your subscribers have shared or any action – Whether they clicked on something (or not). You can then send tailored messages to those with that specific criteria. Statistics show that on average, segmented campaigns have an open rate over 10% higher than non-segmented campaigns. Also, your sending reputation will surely improve and you will be able to achieve better results.

Consent management


There are many rules and regulations regarding consent. e-Patra has all the right tools in place to give you the required upfront process for subscribers to easily understand and provide explicit consent. e-Patra also automatically manages and reports opt-in/opt-out and engagement over time, so you can be confident the people on your list want to receive your emails.

Reporting & Analytics

Understanding what happened to your emails once you’ve sent them out is important and is one of the most measurable things you can do. e-Patra will track if the email was delivered, who opened and clicked on your email, where and when the email was opened, what links were clicked, and if the email was forwarded to someone. All this information can then be used to segment and streamline future campaigns.

Managed deliverability


We manage deliverability for you, we get emails to the recipient’s inbox and ensure that your sending domains don’t get blocked or blacklisted by ISPs. When sending broadcast emails, managing things like proper authentication, unsubscribes, bounces and spam complaints, feedback loops (with all major providers) is critical to maintaining your domain’s sending reputation. Few organizations have the resources, expertise or the time required to manage this in-house, in a timely and cost-effective way.

Beautiful responsive emails


Create beautiful emails, regardless of which device your readers use. Over half of all emails are viewed on a mobile device, so it’s important that your emails look great in a Web browser, email client, cell phone or tablet. Did you know that click-through statistics typically improve over 10% with responsive content?

Email rendering peace of mind


With all the different devices, operating systems, email clients, versions, etc., every email you send can render the preview over 15,000 different ways. If you have ever sent an email campaign, you have probably had a rendering issue – Images disappearing, background not visible, round buttons changing to squares, rows or columns changing, fonts changing, etc. Luckily, e-Patra has it all figured out for you automatically!


Dynamic content & personalisation


A message with personalised information is more interesting to your readers. Whether you simply add their name, a dynamic call-to-action or change the content based on other information or past activity, relevant, specific messages will always engage your readers. Engaged readers are loyal readers.

Easy contact list import


Adding your contacts is fast and easy. You can add contacts to your list one at a time, import a whole list with (or without) corresponding data, or partially import a list to include the data and columns you want – It’s up to you. And, if you want to import lists from other providers with unusual formatting, we’ll help you figure it all out and get it done quickly, so you can start sending right away.

Regulatory compliance


Regulations such as CAN-SPAM (US), CASL (Canada), PIPEDA (Canada) were created to protect a person’s personal information, reinforce best practices in email marketing and combat spam. Be assured, e-Patra allows you to manage compliance with all of these regulations. GDPR: PIPEDA data privacy law is recognized by the EU as providing an acceptable level of protection.

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