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A Simple & Robust Email Campaigning tool
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Ready!!! 1...2...3...Go...

Manage Contacts

  • Add Contacts either upload csv, xls, vcard or connect google docs.

  • Manage  contacts 

    • Add/ Delete Contacts & Fields​.

    • Group (Segment) Contacts.

    • Add form to your website.

Prepare Message

  • Select the type of campaign

    • Regular

    • Auto Respond

    • Recurring

    • A/B Split

  • Choose template or upload your own or start with empty template.

  • Manage your message, add logo, content, links , social.​

  • Test your campaign​.

  • Execute your campaign.

Check Result

  • Assess campaign effective ness

    • Open rate​

    • Click rate 

  • Know the contacts clicked on various links.​

  • Know who helped in forwarding your campaign.

  • Unopened contacts list.

  • Bounced contacts list.

  • Know spam and unsubscribed marked contact.

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