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Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement platform that help brands orchestrate their unique blend of human agent, bot, and self-serve interactions. They empower genuine and personalized engagement on live chat, email, social media, and SMS through a single, unified console, enhanced with AI-powered chatbots and fully integrated knowledge bases.

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Live Chat

Comm100 live chat is the world’s most robust and easy to use chat solution. Deep configurability and powerful features like audio/video chat, co-browsing, auto-translation for 100+ languages, and flexible automatic invitations make it a win-win for your clients and agents alike.

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Ticketing & Messaging

Manage all your social, SMS and email conversations in one place. Easily create and manage tickets from any channel when follow-up is required. Get needed context from previous interactions, respond on any available channel, and automatically enforce service level agreements (SLA).

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AI ChatBot

Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and an easy-to-use bot interface gives you the confidence and control you need to automate customer service where appropriate, without compromising the customer experience. AI Chatbots can be deployed over Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp for Business, and integrate easily with your core business systems to deliver optimal results.

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Knowledge Base

Reliable and accessible information is the backbone of every successful digital client engagement platform. Comm100 Knowledge Base helps you centralize your vital knowledge resources and ensure quick and easy access inside your agent console and from your website and mobile app, making vital information more accessible to everyone.

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Agent Assist

Comm100 Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that monitors inbound messages and automatically suggests answers from your existing knowledge sources. It helps your agents understand and respond to customer queries more quickly, more accurately, and more confidently than ever before.

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