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Bitrix24 is a complete suite of softwares that will empower your business with well planned CRM, social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team. Bitrix24 gives you a wide variety of real time communication tools, right from phone calls, group chat and instant messaging to video calls and video conferencing. Easily manage your file sharing, project management, CRM, calendars and more with Bitrix24. It is the right platform for efficient management of your internal and external resource management, to make it a better workplace where teams are working together from different locations.

Project Management

Bitrix24 is exclusively designed to help organizations in managing personal and group level interactions. Tasks in Bitrix24 can be defined for oneself or it can be assigned to an employee, delegate after being received. The projects can have dedicated group/space where all the files, task, discussions related to the project are stored. These files can be seen and worked on by the users who are relevant to the project and given access to.

Conferencing & Call Services

In this fast-paced world, communication is one factor that highly evolved with time. For a business, time is money and real time communications is an integral part of business processes due to its speed. With Bitrix24, you get a multiple RTC tools like instant messaging, group chat, phone calls, video calls and video conferencing, mobile messaging and many more.

Document Management

Having your important data sorted in one place is very crucial for a business. Bitrix24 understands this to core and provides a dedicated document management system. Documents, Presentations, Videos, shared files can be placed in the system’s document manager for download, collaboration or private use. Finding your documents is easier with internal search option.

contact center

The idea behind universal contact center in Bitrix24 is simple. It doesn’t matter which communication channels your customers use – email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web form, website live chat – Bitrix24 supports them all, saving the entire history of client interactions over time in one place.

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